Gillian Lowndes

Book / Exhibition

Gillian Lowndes was one of the ceramic world’s most daring, radical and original artists of the post-war generation. She was one of the first professional ceramists in Britain to use a diverse range of materials and found objects, including house bricks, fibreglass tissue, Egyptian paste, nichrome wire, domestic utensils, dried loofahs and latex, among others.

Operating on the border territory between fine art and craft, she is renowned for her sensitive investigations of material and process, of serendipity and sculptural form. In view of her avant-garde position, it is surprising that in her lifetime she had notably few solo exhibitions, and that her art is not more widely known and appreciated beyond a network of ceramists, curators, gallerists, critics, collectors and enthusiasts engaged with the crafts and applied arts.

This beautifully presented 124 page monograph establishes the work of Gillian Lowndes more firmly on the visual arts map.